Valkyrie Bestiary

Doing Our Best to Care for the Fae

Hee, hee. I think Hunter needs a teddy.


Cat vs. eagle. Place your bets!

10 most beautiful snails? Sniff. Clearly they've never met Bijou.


This short film was made a decade before the Flood Wars. I can't help thinking that if Terra had a voice, this would be it. Too bad no one was listening.

Bestiary Showcase

Here are a few videos thank tickled me while browsing the ley-line web. I am not responsible for any video-watching rabbit-holes you fall down. 

I love all ZFrank True Facts videos, but this is my favorite. True Facts about The Owl.

Are these still the biggest animals of all time? I hope so. The Inbetween is a strange and terrifying place without megalodon crocs.

I've seen the ground "breathe" like this in the Inbetween. Still not convinced it wasn't a troll asleep under there.

The dragons I know don't need subtitles. But this is fun.