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Doing Our Best to Care for the Fae

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I have loved this series from the start♥️ I just finished Unicorns Don't Cry & it's great! There is such a diverse cast of characters that play off each other so well. The stories & blog are interesting and fun. Can't wait for more!!!

Love the books. Fascinating and interesting.

I just adore your books. The characters are all family now :) I wait with bated breath for each new book out. Never stop writing <3

Love the books! Love the art work! Love Kyra's blog! Absolutely amazing!

I just started the series, barely on the third chapter. Clicked the link. Absolutely enthralled, so clever. Thank you for adding this blog, fun. Looking forward to binging the series.

I've always thought that harpies were probably the children resulting from forbidden dalliances between Angel's and demons. Never fully accepted by either group, evidence of their parents shame, that's why they seem so angry and aggressive. You either dish out the best downs or get beat down yourself. Also I live Grimm and I hope we get to know more about him soon.

Just binged all ten books, throughly enjoyed them.
I have a real soft spot for Jacobey. Still upset about a certain character in book nine!

I’ve just started the series I absolutely love it so far my favorite it Gita and Clarence gobble gobble🦃🦃🐍🐍🐙

Absolutely love the blog ! The books are such a fun easy read and I keep telling everyone about this series. Keep up the wonderful work.

So the basilisk's name is Clarence! How did Clarence manage to convince himself that he'sactually a turkey? Was his egg a turkey egg instead of a chickens'?