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(August 1, 2080)

Someone gave me a present. Isn’t she beautiful. We named her Bijou. As far as I can tell she’s just a normal snail except for her brilliant colors. But she does make an odd whistling noise sometimes. I can hear it at night when the house is quiet. Like she’s singing the song of her people. It’s actually kind of soothing when I can’t sleep.

She’s also growing really fast for a snail. In just a couple of months, she doubled in size. I hope I don’t end up with a monster gastropod on my hands! 

Comments (2)

My giant land snails make noise sometimes too. Aren’t they fascinating to watch when they eat?

SpiralOut (August 1, 2080)

     Yes! I can watch Bijou devour a lettuce leaf for hours. It’s somehow very satisfying.

     Valkyrie367 (August 1, 2080)

Sounds like a special gift. Was it from a special someone too?

cchedgewitch (August 3, 2080)

     I don’t snail and tell :)

     Valkyrie367 (August 3, 2080)