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A Lost Cephalopod

June 20, 2079

The saga of my rock troll and satyr encounter continues. I’m glad to update that the satyrs have been safely trapped and re-homed. They will no longer be able to bother the impressionable teens at the middle school. You can read the posts about the satyrs and the troll in the Archives.

I had help subduing the troll. A local gargoyle was instrumental in trapping the troll and putting it into stasis. But before that, I found a truly unique creature in the stream that runs under the troll bridge. It is a cephalopod of some sort. Odd, I know. How could it survive in fresh water? True, the waters of Lake St. Louis have been brackish since the Flood Wars ended, but I found this critter in a stream well inland. 

Here’s the kicker: when I looked into his eyes, I saw awareness and intelligence. This proved to be the case. The little squid was instrumental in helping me fight off the troll. I’m not exaggerating to say I’d be dead without him. 

Today, I went back to check on the sleeping troll and the squid-thing was still lurking around. He didn’t look too healthy, so I brought him home for now. I hope to find a new home for him.

Anyone know what it is? What do they eat? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Update: August 3, 2079

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about the mystery squid. I’m going with pygmy kraken. I named him Hunter. I did find a nice new home for him. A local dentist has a fabulous aquarium set up in his waiting room. He was delighted to have Hunter as his new edition. 

Unfortunately, Hunter had other ideas. It seems some of the stories in the comments about pygmy krakens escaping and terrorizing people are true. Though I think Hunter is looking more for a good laugh than a scream of terror. It seems the kraken can fit through just about any opening. Staff and customers at the clinic were surprised (insert here: terrified, horrified) to find him in various places around the office, including coffee cups, the drain in the bathroom sink, the toilet, the copy machine paper tray…well you get the idea. 

The dentist (who has a new nervous tic) has returned Hunter to me. And yes, I have experienced the kraken’s tricks. I woke up to a squid in the glass of water by my bed this morning. But what can I say? I’m a sucker for big brown eyes. I think I’ll keep him. 

Comments (5)

Hi from le Couven de Morelle, near Marseille in France. Our harbor was overrun by these beasts. They got into the engine room of many ships and destroyed much property. You should eradicate this pest before they spread.
laflamemorelle (June 20, 2079)

          Thanks for the advice. But I have just the one. No infestation in sight.
          Valkyrie367 (June 20, 2079)

This is a pygmy kraken. Fae creature class 3. But I would argue that they have more intelligence and should be placed in class 2. 
DrC-Biread (June 22, 2079)

Pygmy kraken definitely.
Zoogirl723 (June 22, 2079)

Sounds like a pygmy kraken to me too. You’ve got your hands full with that one! 
EarlVance (August 4, 2079)