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About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Kyra Greene. I am a pest control specialist living in Montreal Ward. My job brings me into contact with a lot of unusual Class 3 fae and other creatures that I can’t even identify. Since I practice humane pest control whenever possible, I mostly catch these critters and release them outside the ward limits. Sometimes I find homes for them in private collections. Many of them end up as permanent residents in my menagerie at home. These are the critters who are too sick or injured to go back in the wild, or they just steal my heart. Needless to say, my apartment is now cluttered with cages, terrariums and aquariums.

When I first started collecting these amazing creatures about eight years ago, I knew nothing about caring for them. And the ley-line net offered few resources. Most sites were dedicated to the poaching and killing of class three fae, not to their husbandry. 

So I learned what to feed a basilisk from trial and error (note: never give them chocolate!) and what happens to a startled moon-frog (that was one funky night!)

This blog is a record of my encounters and experiences with a whole slew of fae creatures. I keep it as a resource for myself, but also as a way to reach out to others who are learning to care for the fae. My hope is that together, we can create a definitive resource for the humane capture and care of all fae beings.

Every life deserves to live.

Kyra Greene
Valkyrie Bestiary