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Shushers from the inbetween

(May 3, 2080 - Posted May 16, 2080)

I'm on an adventure outside our ward where I encountered some really interesting creatures.  

The first one is a shusher. I have never heard of this creature before. They may be a hybrid, created in the magic flares during the war. 

The shusher seems to be an arachnid. The sample I have (see sketch) is 4cm across the shell and 9.5cm from end to end. It has claws in front (for defense or capturing prey?) and over-sized mandibles. The long curving tail comes to a point and is used as a stinger, though I can attest that the sting is not fatal. My arms were covered in stings after my first encounter with these critters.

They hurt and itched for a few hours, but no worse than a bad mosquito bite.

The shushers come together in a massive swarm to mate and travel great distances to find the perfect nest. The sound the swarm makes as it moves across the ground is sort of like the whisper of a strong wind in the trees. Is this the origin of the name shusher? Unknown. 

They are drawn to light, but can easily navigate in the dark. And they swim. What do they eat? Unknown.

I have never seen a shusher inside my ward, and I hope they stay away. I can see how a swarm of these could do a lot of damage. 
My only source for information about the shusher isn’t very forthcoming, so all the info in this post is from my observation only. I’d love your input. If you’ve run into these creatures before, please leave additional information in the comments.

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Does that mean you went outside your ward? In the Inbetween? That’s five by five!

DaddysGirl (May 16, 2080)

    DaddysGirl gets 10 points for the Buffy reference! That’s seriously old world, but you just made my day!

    Valkyrie367 (May 16, 2080)

        Who’s Buffy?

        Daddysgirl (May 17, 2080)



I’m not cleaning bug guts out of your jeans again. Throw them out.

CapeBretonBanshee (May 3, 2080)


A little chamomile oil will soothe those bites and keep them from getting infected. I like to mix it with a bit of aloe vera. Stay safe out there!

cchedgewitch (May 17, 2080)