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Where There Are Satyrs

June 13, 2079

I had an eventful few days. Eventful and painful. I got into a brawl with a rock troll. Yes, you read that right. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I’ll write a post about that in a few days, when I can wrap my head around it. For now, I am recovering at home, after three days in the hospital. Gita is acting like a fussy nanny. Or maybe I’m just bored from lying in bed for a week. I want to get back to work, but doc says I have to stay put for another few days. So I thought I’d tell you about another encounter I had the same night as the rock troll. 

Let’s talk satyrs. Or call them silenos, or fauns. They’re all variations of the half-man, half-goat myth. Well, it turns out they’re not a myth at all. I was called into a local school that was having trouble with some raunchy goats, terrorizing the kids and defacing the property. Turned out to be satyrs, not goats. 

Here’s how my encounter compared to the satyr myths:

The creatures were half human (on top) and half goat (below the waist), but the ones I encountered were boyish, at least in appearance. Their exaggerated sexual nature certainly meshed with the stories I’ve read. And they had a mischievous bent. But I wasn’t prepared for their strength. I saw three small satyrs move a pile of stone that would have taken a backhoe to move. And they did it in under an hour. I felt positively weak next to them. 

And of course, where there are satyrs trotting a across a bridge at all hours, there just has to be a troll. More on him later.

Thankfully, the satyrs spend their energy mostly on pranks and rutting. I’m not sure they are even aware of how awesome their strength is.

I’ve heard tales of satyrs down in the Olympian Ward. Can anyone verify that? As always, I’d love to hear about your encounters with satyrs, silenos, or fauns. Post them in the comments below.

Comments (5)

I love me some hairy man-child! Get better soon!
deathbyroses (June 13, 2079)

We had a satyr infestation here (Olympian Ward) about three years ago. The Ward Council banished them to the Inbetween, but we still see them lurking within the city slums once in a while. You can’t ever really get rid of satyrs.
Hermes498 (June 14, 2079)

          Maybe some of your banished crew came north to Montreal?
          valkyrie367 (June 14, 2079)

I’m so sorry to hear of your injuries! Rest up and feel better soon!
cchedgewitch (June 14, 2079)

Stop filling the void with your heretical stories. There is a special place in the fires of hell for your kind.
GodsDove333 (June 15, 2079)