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Rock Troll Encounter

June 16, 2079

I promised a post about my encounter with the rock troll. To be honest, I’ve been putting it off because it really shook me up. I’m still recuperating at home, but all this laying around is making me antsy. And I’ve been having nightmares. Maybe writing about it will help. So here goes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I answered a job at a local school to get rid of some satyrs. These mischievous critters were taunting a rock troll. I have it on good authority that the troll had been sleeping under a bridge behind the school for over forty years. What woke it? I’m not sure. Maybe a stray flux from a ley-line? Has someone been performing magic rites nearby? As soon as I’m well enough, I plan to investigate. 

But the troll was awake and grumpy. The satyrs running across its bridge and teasing it certainly didn’t help. I showed up with a tranq gun and some snares, expecting an easy capture and release. 

That didn’t happen. My weapons had little effect on the troll. I have the bruises and broken ribs to prove it. Only with the help of some bystanders was I able to subdue the creature. I am glad to say it is now back in stasis, hopefully to stay.

Anyone else encountered a rock troll? I’m curious to see how common these creatures are.


Comments (6)

There is a story about one in our ward, more of an urban legend really. I can’t say if it’s true or not. But the story says that a rock troll terrorized the first settlers here after the war. Killed a dozen people before Donal Hennigan killed it and used the stones from the troll’s body as the cornerstone for the first town hall. That was over fifty years ago. I can’t verify the story’s authenticity.
BlackJack4856 (June 16, 2079)

          Wow. That is a great story. I guess I got off lightly.
          Valkyrie367 (June 16, 2079)

So how did you finally kill it? Inquiring minds want to know.
TrophyHunter666 (June 17, 2079)

The only way to kill a rock troll is with dynamite. Lots of it. 
InnocentUntilNot (June 18, 2079)

A bit of napalm should do the trick.
TriggerHappy42 (June 18, 2079)

Okay guys, I’m shutting down the comments on this one. I’d hoped to have an intelligent conversation, but as usual, you just want to watch the world burn.
Valkyrie367 (June 18, 2079)