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Hello, blogosphere!

June 10, 2070

This is my first post in what I’m calling the Valkyrie Bestiary Blog. I feel like I’m sending my words out into a great void. Is anyone even listening? I guess only time will tell.
In my pest control business, I have run across a lot of unusual animals. Some defy logic and imagination. Did they arrive here with the fae from Underhill or other worlds when magic bombs broke our world? Or have they always been here, hiding in cracks until the magic was strong enough to come out into the light again?

Maybe we’ll never know. I don’t think it’s important. But these creatures are here now, and I often find myself caring for them, with little or no knowledge of their eating habits or natural habitats. 

I know it sounds odd for a pest controller to be worried about the fate of what some people consider vermin. But I am worried. I try my best to treat these creatures with dignity and compassion, re-homing when possible rather than exterminating. 

The mission of this little ley-line journal is to find like-minded critter caretakers and open a discourse on fae-creature husbandry. 

For my first entry, I bring you a rare pixie-fly that followed me home from a trip outside my ward. He (or maybe she?) is like a dragonfly with bejeweled wings, and the faceless body of a pixie. I found it living in a marshy area, but since I’ve been home, I haven’t found anything it’s willing to eat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The little fly isn’t looking well.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of animal husbandry. I have a small menagerie of my own and would love to chat with you about critters. For your pixie-fly problem, I suggest a slurry of mosquito larvae. Or take it back to where you found it. Maybe it eats something rare only available in that one spot.
cchedgewitch (June 11, 2070)

     Thank you for the warm welcome. Unfortunately, there is no going back. I will try the mosquito smoothie. Sounds yummy.
     valkyrie367 (June 11, 2070)