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A Near Miss with a Nuckelavee

April 29, 2077

Last week, I answered a Hub call about a creature lurking in Beaver Lake on Mount Royal. The hill in the middle of the city barely qualifies as a mountain, and the lake in its crater is no more than a glorified pond. But it’s a major attraction for Montrealers. Hikers, walkers, and bikers all use the green space. So when reports of hikers going missing and only body parts being found came into Hub, I got called in to wrangle whatever was lurking in the depths of the lake. 

Whispered rumors spoke of a ferocious beast—part man, part horse with eyes of fire and a tail made from the souls of the dead. Rumors tend to exaggerate

After spending some time researching on the Ley-net, I suspected it was a nuckelavee. They’re supposed to have three forms—human, equine and a horrifying fusion of both—a skinless creature that is half man, half horse and blended in all the wrong ways. From the descriptions of the Hub officers that were first on the scene, that last form was what waited for me on Mount Royal. 

But when I arrived, the water was calm. The park had been emptied by Hub. Only a few stray leaves moved on the walking path. I staked-out Beaver Lake for three days and saw nothing. The captain in charge wanted to tie a goat to a stake and leave it there as bait. I convinced him not to. 

The creature had moved on. I probably dodged a bullet with this one, but I can’t help wishing I’d seen the elusive nuckelavee. Has anyone had a run-in with one of these?

(This drawing is the closest thing I could come up with from witness descriptions.)


Comments (3)

I’m glad you’re safe! *shiver* Nuckelavees are bad news.
cchedgewitch (April 29, 2077)

I’ve had experience with a nuckelavee, and the scars to prove it. Too gory to type here. I’ll pm you.
hottrotter (April 30, 2077)

Skinless? That’s too bad. The skin’s the best part, especially with some of that Montreal steak spice you folks are famous for.
MyMommaIsAMutt57 (May 2, 2077)