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Critter Mystery: What’s in the Egg?

June 1, 2077

I found this little egg lying under a bush today. It’s probably a dud pushed out of a nest by its parents, but I brought it home just in case. I’m keeping it warm and hoping. We’ll give it a few weeks to see if it hatches. It’s robin’s egg blue, but nearly as big as a chicken egg with spotting in a pale rust color. Any guesses to what might be inside? The winner will receive a virtual Valkyrie Bestiary badge and bragging rights. My vote is in the comments.

Egg Update (June 25, 2077):

It moved! There’s definitely something alive in there! I thought it might finally be pipping, but I don’t see any cracks in the shell. It’s just a wiggler. Get your votes in now to guess the mystery creature inside.

Egg Update (July 12, 2077): 

Pipping has begun! The countdown is on. A crack appeared. No visible beak yet, but lots of movement. This is so exciting! I canceled all my jobs today just so I could sit home and watch an egg hatch. Updates to follow.

Egg Update (July 13, 2077): 

And the winner is…MartaB, who guessed basilisk. Part snake, part chicken, 100% cute. I named him Clarence. I’m assuming it’s a he. Anyone know how to sex a basilisk? Or what they eat? So far I’ve tried fruit, milk, and fresh beef. He finally ate a bit of pureed meat after it sat in his cage for a few hours.


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I’m guessing some kind of songbird.
Valkyrie367 (June 1, 2077)

     Did you find it near a marsh? Red-winged blackbirds have blue eggs.
     Chickadidi (June 1, 2077)

          Not a marsh, but a small pond nearby.
          Valkyrie367 (June 1, 2077)

Snowy egret.
Passerby388 (June 1, 2077)

Myearl (June 1, 2077)

     I’d like to say those are extinct, but these days, all bets are off.
     Valkyrie367 (June 2, 2077)

Bless you for rescuing this tiny soul. My guess is a mockingbird.
cchedgewitch (June 3, 2077)

Who cares whats inside? Fry up that bugger. On second thought never mind its too bitty to make a good omelet 
Homesteader898 (June 4, 2077)

I’m changing my vote. I think there’s some kind of lizard inside. Incubation has taken too long for a bird.
Valkyrie367 (June 29, 2077)

     MartaB (June 29, 2077)

         Dont b stupid everyone knows basilisks are big snakes not chickens didnt u read the books?
         Pothead666 (July 13, 2077)

               Don’t believe everything you read. But you should read more. Seriously, go read.
               Valkyrie367 (June 29, 2077)