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The Problem with Moon-frogs

Moon-frog: Class 3 Fae 

(April 25, 2080)

Though moon-frogs are amphibian, they're not actually related to the frogs of Terra. Cryptozoologists speculate that they found a hole between worlds during the flood wars. Several mentions in texts to “puffer toads” or “peace toads” suggest that they may have arrived in our world as early as 1960. 

While exhibiting no natural tendencies for magic, the moon-frog reacts to the full moon by swelling its body and producing venom-laced spikes on its back. Possibly part of a mating ritual, though I have witnessed this behavior in response to stress.

A mature moon-frog weighs about 5 kilos. Fully expanded, its body is about 40 centimeters in diameter. Its skin is mottled blue, green and brown and looks glossy, as if it would be wet to the touch, though in my experience, they are usually dry and sort of velvety.

**Warning: Use extreme caution when handling moon-frogs. While their venom is more hallucinogenic than poisonous, an overdose can be fatal. Don’t lick the frogs!

In my travels, I have trapped and re-homed a half dozen moon-frogs, but they have always been solitary creatures. Does anyone know how they reproduce? Are there moon-frog tadpoles? Leave your moon-frog experiences in the comments below.

Comments (5)

I have never come across a moon-frog. But my sister-wife says that a brew from their venom is very good for fevers, especially those derived from a virus.

cchedgewitch (April 27, 2080)

    Good to know. Thanks!

    Valkyrie367 (May 27, 2080)

Gotta get me some frog love!

PeachOut (April 29, 2080)

You mean people get high from licking frogs? That’s hilarious!

DaddysGirl (April 30, 2080)

What is wrong with people? Licking frogs?

SiriusBlue14 (May 7, 2080)