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Madras - Holy Terrors on Four Cute Feet

August 12, 2078

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but…well…life. A few days ago, I trapped 2 little beasts that look something like guinea pigs but with bigger faces and a strange split lip. It should have been an easy job. They were nesting in a seniors’ complex not far from me. The house manager called me, frantic to get the beasts out of the building. She said they were destroying it. I’m used to such exaggerations from clients, and I thought, “Really, how much damage can 2 little rodents do?”

She wasn’t exaggerating. 

When I arrived, several of the housemates had locked themselves in their rooms and wouldn’t come out. The critters had the run of the house. They enjoyed chewing on things—the furniture, the wallpaper, shoes, cords—but mostly they enjoyed spitting bits of these back at the unsuspecting residents. 

I chased them for 6 hours. No kidding. It was the longest job I’ve ever been on. I was so tired after, I brought them home for the night because I couldn’t face a drive out to Dorion Park to rehome them. Big mistake. By the next morning, my banshee roommate had already fallen in love with them. She named them Alvin and Theo.

They are kind of cute, I’ll admit, but we’ll see if they get to stay. I have no idea what they are or where they came from. I’m calling them madras for now. Anyone else encounter these creatures? Any tips on controlling their mischievous bent? They seem very intelligent. At least I haven’t found a cage that can keep them locked up for long. Maybe I can train them to fetch and carry. It would be useful to have a creature that can fit into small spaces. Wish me luck!

Comments (4)

We call them bactrian hares because of the camel lips. Definitely not of our world. Probably came through a portal during the flood wars.

FoundingFather18 (August 12, 2078)

     That’s what I was thinking too. 

     Valkyrie367 (August 12, 2078)

I hope your pair are not mates. You’ll end up with an infestation!

Peppercorn (August 13, 2078)

     Fingers crossed. I think they’re both male.

     Valkyrie367 (August 13, 2078)