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Buckle in for a wild ride: Gyruses

July 3, 2070 

Let’s talk about the weather. I know, when I started this blog over a month ago, I promised fascinating insights into all creatures wild and woolly—not small talk about the weather. But hear me out. 

What if weather can be sentient?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But I believe that’s exactly what I experienced last month. Some of you might have seen my posts about draikas and rock-skippers. During that same trip, I came across an unusual weather phenomenon. My guide called it a gyrus and warned me not to get in its way.

The gyrus looked like a small dust devil, a mini tornado of dirt and debris marching across the countryside like a tumble weed. Not too scary, right? I thought so too, until my guide warned me that stepping into the gyrus was like stepping into a portal. “A portal to where?” I asked. 

Anywhere. On Terra or another world. Yikes! That’s not a trip I want to make. Not ever! 

Tornados, even small ones, are terrifying because of their random destructiveness. You can’t argue with a force of nature, can’t plead with it to leave your home untouched, can’t even try to deflect it. There is no point in asking why your house was destroyed and the neighbor’s left untouched. That indifference is both frightening and somehow comforting. If a ghoul attacks your family, you hunt it and kill it. But if a tornado takes out your house, you have no outlet for vengeance. You simply pull up your socks and rebuild. 

I mention all this because there was something…off about the gyrus. Its actions didn’t feel random. It was stalking us. And I swear, I could sense a consciousness swirling in all that debris.

So what if a gyrus is more than a freak of nature? What if it’s a sentient creature, and its victims aren’t actually transported, but eaten

Like I said. Crazy. But indulge me. I’d like to understand this phenomenon more, before I encounter another one. Can anyone confirm that they or someone they know have survived going through a gyrus?  

Comments (4)

I can confirm it. My brother stumbled into a gyrus. It took him halfway across the continent and left him unconscious in the middle of a frozen desert. It took him 4 years to get home. 
CampCay1 (July 18, 2070)

My daughter was taken by a gyrus. We never saw her again.
Hula556 (August 4, 2070)

Maybe the act of transporting people is how it eats? Like the portal is a digestive tract, of sorts?
cchedgewitch (August 5, 2070) 

     That’s a really interesting theory.
     Valkyrie367 (August 5, 2070)