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June 24, 2079

I want to thank everyone for their well-wishes. Yes, I am recovering nicely from my first encounter with a rock troll. If you missed that post, you can read all about it in the Archives. Many of you asked for more information about the mysterious “Guardian” who faced the troll with me earlier this month. I did some digging and he is a gargoyle. For privacy reasons, I’ll leave out his name, but here’s what I’ve been able to dig up on this elusive race.

Gargoyles are neither fae nor traditional shape-shifters, though they have characteristics of both races. The first gargoyles were created by alchemists in the 15th century. They were stone statues carved by master sculptors and animated through alchemy. Some research indicates that the myth of the philosopher’s stone originates with the gargoyles and the drive to bring them to life.

Traditionally, gargoyles take the shape of grotesques, fertility gods or green men. They can also resemble humans and animals (usually apex predators). 

They are imbued with a sentient spirit to animate them, perhaps even the spirit of the alchemist or sculptor? This is just a working theory. The art of the gargoyle was lost long before the Flood Wars decimated the great alchemical library in Paris. The few remaining texts are decidedly cryptic, alluding only to the “spirit in the stone.” Certainly, the gargoyle differs greatly from a simple golem (see Archivesfor more on golems).

Montreal has long been home to gargoyles, but they keep their activities private. Census records show that they vote for the Alchemist Party, which aligns with my observations that they seem to live mostly on the west end of the island, in the alchemist domain. They prefer the term “guardian” to “gargoyle” but this might be a local affectation.

It is true that gargoyles come alive only at night and rest in a kind of stasis during the day. No other information about their abilities (magical or otherwise) could be found in the Montreal archives. So I’m opening up the topic to you my readers and fellow crypto-zoologists. Anyone else encounter a gargoyle? Leave your findings in the comments below and I will add the data to this entry.

Comments (5)

I love your blog! Thanks for posting and glad to know you’re on the mend. 

Karen Tyrone (June 24, 2079)

I encountered a gargoyle once—saved me from a mugging. So maybe the “Guardian” thing isn’t just local?

Kang_Master (June 24, 2079)

Gargoyles are an abomination under heaven. Fae lovers like you make me sick. 

CreamPuff1489 (July 1, 2079)

Have you actually seen a real gargoyle? The whole half-man, half-stone thing sounds so romantic! 

DaddysGirl (March 23, 2080)

           I’m not sure about the romance, but they make good watch dogs. We are lucky to have them in our ward.

           Valkyrie367 (April 25, 2080)