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The Good Ol’ Days

June 15, 2070

I’m going to post something controversial here. And you may not like it. Sometimes the old ways are not the best ways. There, I said it. I know we live in a time unlike any other. We have the technology to live in the modern world, but insight from a world war urges us to live simply. The Terrans might be fanatics, but they aren’t wrong. We do need to learn to live with our natural means. And maybe there is a god named Terra who slapped us down for being too big for our britches. Sounds like something a god would do. 

But that doesn’t always mean that regression to practices from centuries past is the right move. 

Take whale hunting as an example. Before the discovery of plastics and before petroleum was widely sourced, whale oil provided efficient light. Whale bones were flexible and strong and used in many applications such as clothing[ check], fishing gear, roofing and more. Because of this, many species of whales were hunted to near extinction. Only pressure from governments and the global community stopped these practices before it was too late. 

We no longer have governments with this kind of reach. And the global community has dwindled to the few people who can access the ley-line web. That means it’s open season for some hunters. 

The draika are a case in point. I recently found a community whose existence depends on the riches it gets from this beautiful creature. As a consequence, the draika population in their area has been drastically depleted. And they mourn the loss, not because they miss the majesty of the draika, but because they miss the wealth it brings them.

Will we never learn?


God put man above all other creatures. Hunting is our right. Keep your self-righteous rants to yourself.
ArrowofJesus (June 15, 2070)

     If you don’t like my rants, you’re free to keep scrolling.
     Valkyrie367 (June 15, 2070)

There is no excuse for this kind of mismanagement. This people deserve what they get. If they fished out their main source of food, I hope they starve.
bringmeashrubbery (June 16, 2070)

     I’m not sure they deserve to die for their ignorance. I spent time at this village. They are good people, just trying to survive in a harsh world. 
     Valkyrie367 (June 16, 2070)

          So what’s the answer? Let the humans live while the animals all die? We tried that before. It didn’t work.
          bringmeashrubbery (June 16, 2070)

 Valkyrie367 (June 16, 2070)

                    So what is the answer? 
                    bringmeashrubbery (June 16, 2070)

                         I wish I had one :)
                        Valkyrie367 (June 16, 2070)