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Don't say boo to a goose

June 15, 2081

The name Canada goose is misleading. Even in the days when international borders meant something, these geese could be found as far south as Texas. In the same way that pigeons dominated cities, Canada geese found their niche in suburbs. At one time, you could barely walk along sections of the Lake Ontario shoreline without tripping over a goose (or slipping in its droppings). 

These aren’t the tame domestic geese that come to greet you on the farm. Canada geese are wild beasts, territorial and vicious when provoked. 

Pro tip: don’t ever come between a Canada goose and his or her goslings. Ouch. I learned that the hard way, trying to snap a picture of the spring fuzzies. Canada geese are great parents. You’ll often see one parent leading the pack of babies with the other parent bringing up the rear and making sure there are no stragglers.  

One on one, these birds seem rather majestic with their dark coloring and long necks, but in a flock they can easily overwhelm one lone human. On a recent trip into the Inbetween, one of the scariest things that confronted us was a flock of agitated geese. I’d rather face a pack of wolves than that flapping, hissing, swarming flock of chaos. They are just plain nasty! Here’s a closeup of one goose that likes to hang around my place. There is definite mischief in that eye. 


Comments (4)

Deep fried Canada G! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it. 
Hometostead (June 15, 2081)

A little gamey in flavor, but nice fat drumsticks.
Archer123 (June 15, 2081)

Pass the cranberry sauce!
BigWheel18 (June 16, 2081)

Ok, folks. I’m turning off comments on this one. This blog is suppose to celebrate creatures in all their wonderful diversity. It’s not a cooking blog for wild game. Take your guns and go home.
Valkyrie367 (June 16, 2081)