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Bluecaps Around the World?

September 22, 2081

Unlike the bloodthirsty redcaps, who get their name from dipping their hats in the blood of their enemies, bluecaps are mostly a peaceful race. Peaceful, as compared to the other dwarven races, that is. They still like to carry a good axe and know how to use it. 

Like many dwarves, the bluecaps were most at home in the pre-war coal and gold mines. Long before the fae came out to the world, miners told tales of strange, flickering blue lights in the mines. After cave-ins, the blue lights sometimes led men to safety. In return, the miners left gold in a secluded part of the mine for these benevolent spirits. 
Bluecaps are short in stature with hair and beards so black, they appear bluish. I’ve been told that in the darkness of a mine, their heads do actually glow with a faint blue light. I have not been able to confirm this theory. 

Other than the flaming blue heads, their most distinguishing feature is their fingernails. These are long, curved like claws, iron-gray, and as hard as iron too. The bluecap never needs a shovel or pick-axe for digging. 

There are no bluecaps in Montreal, not since the founding of the ward. But it is my understanding that they are still active in parts of Europe. Can anyone confirm this?

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The laws of Terra have forbidden such destructive practices like mining. May the benevolent one also rid the land of these inferior races too. 
MyGodHasOneFace (September 22, 2081)

     MyGodHasOneFace, Let me educate you, since your parents didn’t bother. Benevolence: the quality of being well-meaning; kindness.
     BennyBlaster (September 22, 2081)

          BennyBlaster, you’re going to hell.
          MyGodHasOneFace (September 22, 2081)

                MyGodHasOneFace, I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one in top hat and tails ;)
                BennyBlaster (September 22, 2081)

My grandfather used to tell tales of bluecaps, but I haven’t seen any in my lifetime. I’m in the Highland Ward, btw. Have a blessed day!
cchedgewitch (September 23, 2081)

Now you’re just making shit up. No such thing as dwarves with blue heads of fire. Get your head out of your arse.
BirdsArentReal451 (September 24, 2081)