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Wailing Banshees

(June 12, 2076)

Banshee: from the Celtic root Bean and Sídhe, meaning Woman of the Faeries.

Like the family gods of ancient Rome, banshees act as conduits between the living and the dead. They are generally retained by the well-to do family of Celtic or Gaelic descent. 

The Banshee’s cry—a horrible mix of piercing wail and a wolfish moan—has been known to sour the milk in a woman’s breast and call up storms from the deep. However, “screaming banshee" is a pejorative misnomer as the banshee screams only to herald the death of a family member who is far from home. Her screams are more of a community service than a haunting. The banshee’s everyday communications consist mostly of muted sobs and blubbering.

More active in the winter months, banshee sightings are still rare. She has been known to appear at the bedside of those in the throws of the plague, though her knowledge of medicine has long been suspect. Mostly, she can be found on the moors, wailing and dancing a sad dirge. Her grey complexion easily blends into fog-shrouded hillsides. Her foot leaves no prints, but her breath can wilt spring blooms. Discoveries of banshee nests have diminished in the last hundred years, a possible indicator of their declining numbers. The nest is generally a small cave or hollowed out hillside, that may be a doorway to the underworld. In urban settings, banshees prefer dark, confining abodes.

A banshee male has never been found. Perhaps his absence is the root of the banshee’s distress.

On a personal note, I found a banshee wandering the shores of the St. Lawrence. She was clearly out of sorts and lost. She’s settled in nicely with my other rescues. I’m almost used to the constant crying :) And she brews a mean cup of coffee.

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Banshee tears are great for infusions. I have a recipe for a good-fortune elixir. PM me for details.

cchedgewitch (June 29, 2076)


    Valkyrie367 (June 29, 2076)

Is it true that a banshee can break glass with their scream?

Newfienews (July 5, 2076)

    I haven’t seen that yet. I’ll let you know.

    Valkyrie367 (July 5, 2076)

Let her lose in the woods. Give her a good head strt and put 1 between her eyes. I’d love a banshee head on my wall with my other trofies.

BigGameGuy (August 12, 2076)

     Go on with you! You couldna catch any woman, let alone a banshee. But I’d like to see you try. Not too attached to those testies of yours, are you? They’d make a great soup.

     CapeBretonBanshee (August 13, 2076)

I’m praying for your soul. May God forgive you for harboring the wicked.

Lighthouse45 (November 3, 2077)

You always have the best information. I’m bookmarking this article.

DaddysGirl (October 11, 2078)