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I absolutely loved this feature of the book. Reading through the info as well as the comments is priceless. Can't wait for book 2!

These books took me on a wonderful adventure. I fell in love with all of the creatures especially the fuzzy cuddly ones. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kyra and Mason. I’m sure I’ll be kept on the edge of my reading chair. Keep them coming!

This books creates a world I love. OK, some of it looks a little crazy but the critters have captured my heart. I love Kyra and her attitude. She feels like someone I could be friends with if only she would let me cuddle the cuddlies.

I would like a banshee please. I could use the help and we could watch the news together. Right now I have to do the wailing on my own. I also have room for a small kraken as long as it doesn't mind a bathtub for a home. Please send the appropriate adoption paperwork.

What a mesmerizing world of exotic creatures and quirky characters set in the environs of a Montreal definitely not as I remember it! Though I am rooting for Kyra, I have the hots for Mason. Who knew a man of stone could have a tender heart and a magic touch?

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