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I've read all of the books in the series so far. I know that it's come to an end but I really wish it hadn't. They are such great characters and I just want to know more. Like what's happening to her last assistant? How does everything really work out in the end? Don't want to give any spoils away since I have read them all but I'm excited that even with a happy ever after there's still something to catch you at the end.

Read Dragons Don't Eat Meat recently & decided I had to read all of Kyra's adventures. Just finished with the two prequels (The Girl Who Cried Banshee & Three Half Goats Gruff). Really cool to see where Gita came from (poor Liam & Sean, though! 😢) & I loved the origin story of Hunter the pygmy kraken! Where do I get one?

I'm about to start Dervishes Don't Dance-- like as soon as I finish typing this-- I just got distracted when I saw Kyra's blog was a real place! Love the blog entries, they add such fun & authenticity to the stories. Also SUPER PUMPED to see that after I finish Dervishes & Hellhounds Don't Heel, book 4 (Grimalkins Don't Purr) is about to come out!! Perfect timing, I won't have to wait long at all to continue the tale! Keep up this great series!

P.S. I have been leaving reviews on Amazon & Goodreads for all of the books as I read them, helping to spread the word! Thanks again for creating such an awesome, original dystopian\fantasy series! 💖😊🐲🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧞‍♀️🦄

Please, please continue with this series. Absolutely love your twists on mythology & fantasy. Enjoying reading these tremendously.


Just got the Dragons Don’t Eat Meat book. Can’t wait to start it!

Can't wait to get started reading.

Amazing looking forward to reviewing your books!

I just finished "Dervishes Don't Dance" sobbing my eyes out and I went straight to the review site and wrote a 5 star review with a wet face. I also teared up in happiness when Ollie came by. Damn, I love your books and your main characters and especially your strange and wonderful magical creatures. Can't wait for the next book and it pains me that the series will end. I hope you get inspired to continue the series in some fashion. And sooner rather than later! I will be reading your other series and other books, as well! You have critter magic yourself!!!

I wish there were more than 3 books. I love these characters!
Thanks for these, anyway!

I enjoy your books. Quirky and fun. I am devastated about Jacoby. Just finished book 2 and will start book 3. Thanks!