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PS How come an Alvin & Theo, but no Simon?

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do a deeper dive. I love being able to 'go down the rabbit hole',
Nov. 15, 2020

PS Madras look like they have little camel faces; camels are known for spitting.

Thank you for running this contest. I just love all things dragon.

Thank you for the chance to win one of these little cuties and a signed paperback.

Love Dragons! And these are so very cute and unique. Anyone who sees one would want it.

Dragon crazy forever! Ever since Anne Mccaffrey's books saved me from hell on Earth I have been devoted to dragonkind. I am happy to find other believers....and the little guys is just so cute :)

if I had a wish it would be that dragons live. I've been collecting dragons my entire life. I now have a son who loves them as much as I do and a man who is cool with my large collection. They are everywhere and don't leave much room for his bears.

Love these dragons! Too adorable for words! Thanks for the chance!

My Granddaughter would love a blue dragon!

The dragons are so cute.

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