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Doing Our Best to Care for the Fae

Don't Say Boo to a Goose

June 15, 2081

The name Canada goose is misleading. Even in the days when international borders meant something, these geese could be found as far south as Texas. In the same way that pigeons dominated cities, Canada geese found their niche in suburbs. At one time, you could barely walk along sections of the Lake Ontario shoreline without tripping over a goose (or slipping in its droppings). 


A Glory of Will O’Wisps

May 5, 2081

Will o’wisps have gone by many names over the centuries: ghost light, feu follet, jack o’lantern, hobby lantern, hinkypunk, and my favorite, Ignis fatuus (Latin for “foolish flame”).


Rodent + Lizard = A Curiosity

April 10, 2081

Today on the continuing saga of my life with critters, I bring a truly unique creature. I’m calling it a squamus—squamata (a genus of reptiles which includes snakes and lizards) + mus (a genus of rodents including mice).


A Hell Hound Tale

January 1, 2081

Happy New Year! I have been thinking a lot about hell hounds lately, and I thought I’d tell you a story about these amazing and often misunderstood beasts.

Once upon a time, a young woman left the only home she’d ever known to live in Asgard, the land of her ancestors. 


Golem vs. Gargoyle

(November 25, 2080)

No, we aren’t doing some kind of gladiator show where we pit golems against gargoyles. But I want to have a serious discussion about the distinction between the two. This is a topic close to my heart for many reasons, and something we should all be aware of. So here goes.



(November 17, 2080)

As usual, the information I can find about bodachs is antiquated and fairly useless to dealing with these beings in the modern, post-war world. 

The origin of the term “bodach” may be derived from the old Irish word for peasant or from an old Norse term for cottage. In Gaelic, bodach is used as a familiar term of affection and simply means “old man.”


Riddle Me a Brownie

November 10, 2080

If you came here looking for the “best chewy brownie recipe,” you’re in the wrong spot. Actually, I was amazed at the number of brownie recipes on the ley-web, especially considering my ward hasn’t had real chocolate in over a decade. But that’s a topic for a different blog. This is a discussion on the fae subspecies known as a brownie. 



(August 1, 2080)

Someone gave me a present. Isn’t she beautiful. We named her Bijou. As far as I can tell she’s just a normal snail except for her brilliant colors. But she does make an odd whistling noise sometimes.


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