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Rodent + Lizard = A Curiosity

April 10, 2081

Today on the continuing saga of my life with critters, I bring a truly unique creature. I’m calling it a squamus—squamata (a genus of reptiles which includes snakes and lizards) + mus (a genus of rodents including mice).

I found two of these little guys in the basement of an old church turned rooming house. Their heads are mousey, like the fancy mice kids often badger their parents into getting as pets. The back end is definitely reptile, similar to my bearded dragons. I’m going to go out on a limb and say these aren’t native to Terra. 

What’s really interesting about these critters is that they seem highly intelligent. They understand commands like a dog. My assistant has them in a training regime. I’m curious to see how far he can take it. 

Update: Squamice are stinking smart!

So far my assistant has taught the squamice to come, sit and stay. He’s even let them loose in the backyard and they come running home when he calls, using a series of whistles. There may be potential to use them on job sites, for scouting tight spaces.

Comments (4)

Those look like a lizard we see here in the desert a lot. We call them dragon rats. They’re great for target practice.
BB8 (April 10, 2081)

You shouldn’t handle those filthy rodents. 
Helen4897 (April 10, 2081)

They’re so cute! If they have babies, can I have one?
Primrose388 (April 11, 2081)

     Sorry, as far as I can tell, they’re both girls.
     Valkyrie367 (April 11, 2081)