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Love your site!!

I love dragons! Did you know Smaug from The Hobbit is depicted as a Firedrake in the film, not a normal dragon. His lack of true arms/arms being part of wings differentiate him from traditional dragons which have 4 legs to walk with.

Love dragons and thanks for the chance to win.

Love dragons

I love dragons, a few years ago my husband got me a lithograph of a dragon and wolf howling at the moon... when my birthday came, so did a limited edition of a statue of the lithograph.... I lost my husband to cancer in May, but will always have him with me with those 2 things...

Interesting site.

:) I love dragons!!!!

Awesome site! Looking forward to reading in more depth.

Love this site! Interesting material about the different creatures. Please keep writing about more creatures and books.

Hi! I love your books! Hope everything is well!