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Dragon crazy forever! Ever since Anne Mccaffrey's books saved me from hell on Earth I have been devoted to dragonkind. I am happy to find other believers....and the little guys is just so cute :)

if I had a wish it would be that dragons live. I've been collecting dragons my entire life. I now have a son who loves them as much as I do and a man who is cool with my large collection. They are everywhere and don't leave much room for his bears.

Love these dragons! Too adorable for words! Thanks for the chance!

My Granddaughter would love a blue dragon!

The dragons are so cute.

Just fabulous. I love dragons too.

Ohhh dragons! Who doesn't love a dragon..right! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Stay safe!

Hi, thank you for the opportunity to win this book and adorable dragon. I’ll have a hard time keeping it away from my dog, if it’s stuffed, squeaks, bounces, moves, or is one of my hair ties, he thinks he owns it. He’s my little buddy.
I love all types of genres, but definitely enjoy great dragon books. Who doesn’t?

I love reading all kinds of shifter books but mostly dragon's...because I'm have a dragon collection just no dragon plushes.

I would very much like to win one of your dragons and the book. I have collected dragons for over 30 years now.