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The winged devil

March 16, 2084

Three blog posts in one week! You’d think I have nothing else to do. To be honest, I’m laid up at the moment, recovering from that peyochip sting. So I thought I’d catch up on some critter research. 

Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the mountain devil, a creature that has often been confused with the phoenix. Both have wings of flame, but the significance of those flames differs. A phoenix usually symbolizes rebirth, while a mountain devil is known to pluck the eyes from the deceitful. Instead of a regal raptor head, the mountain devil looks more like a vulture on fire. Not pretty, but pretty intimidating. 

I’m curious about other stories related to the mountain devil. There was a mention of it in Pylee’s Homestead Reference that suggested it once prowled the hills of Pennsylvania. I might be going crazy, but I think I saw one not too far from Montreal Ward. Has anyone heard about other sightings?

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Feel better, Valkyrie367! 
Toots12 (March 16, 2084)

Mountain devils have been long associated with tutelary deities. They are watch dogs of gods that guard the land and sky.
Professor-T (March 16, 2084)

          Gods of land and sky? Like Terra?
          Valkyrie367 (March 16, 2084)

                    Terra is only one name for something mutable and unnamable, but yes. You could call Terra a tutelary god. The Terran priests call the mountain devil a guard dog, though what it is supposed to be guarding is not clear. 
                    Professor-T (March 16, 2084)