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Mamoth Rat-eater—Spiders are people too

March 14, 2084

I have nothing against spiders. Actually, I think they’re kind of cute with their fuzzy faces and multiple eyes. And they eat a lot of other pests, so if I find one at home, I try to gently relocate it. 

I don’t have any spiders in captivity at the moment because I only keep animals in need, except for the vampire slugs that I find highly useful in the field. But I’ve never come across a spider that needed a home. For the most part, they do just fine on their own.

Take my recent encounter with a mammoth rat-eater. This spider does its name justice! Blondi is the mascot of the science club at a local school. She got loose during a minor scuffle, and immediately took off. 

Not only can these spiders run as fast as a cat, they can fly! Not exactly like birds. They can’t launch into the sky, but if they start from a high perch, they can glide as well as any flying squirrel. 

Now imagine a spider the size of a dinner plate soaring through a dark hallway toward you. I’m pleased to say that my two assistants handled the situation with courage and Blondi is now safely back in her classroom terrarium. Well done boys! 


Comments (6)

Make sure you check for eggs. Nothing worse than finding a surprise clutch of mammoth eggs. I speak from experience :o
ScienceGuyForHire (March 14, 2084)

          Yikes! Since Blondi is a lone captive female, this shouldn’t be a problem. I hope. 
          Valkyrie367 (March 14, 2084)

If you slow roast them, mammoth legs taste just like lobster. 
HungryHomesteader (March 14, 2084)

          **blocks sender**
          Valkyrie367 (March 14, 2084)

How do you “gently relocate” a spider that size?
Bluebeard46 (March 15, 2084)

          Very carefully.
          Valkyrie367 (March 17, 2084)