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Is That a Hidebehind Behind That Tree?

July 7, 2081

This is one for the entomology and cryptozoology enthusiasts. Has anyone come into contact with a hidebehind? We might have one lurking near the house. Our property manager seems concerned. 

I’ve never actually seen a hidebehind before. I’m not even sure what they look like. They are notoriously shy. But I’ve heard tales. A hub official I worked with said his cat was attacked by one last year. Should I be worried? We have children in the area, not to mention my menagerie of critters. Should I keep them inside? Is there a way to encourage the hidebehind to move on? Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have had extensive contact with hidebehinds in my fourth incarnation. I was a Sumerian high-priestess at the time. Enlil, the many blessed, saw fit to send us many sukkals, servant deities to aid us in our work of honoring the gods. He sent these in the form of hidebehinds. Most were quite docile and made excellent servants.
metempsychosist14289 (July 7, 2081)
     So I shouldn’t worry about them attacking my critters?
     Valkyrie367 (July 7, 2081)

          Only during mating season. They can get aggressive and a bit mindless when the rut is upon them.
          metempsychosist14289 (July 7, 2081)

               Thank you. Is it presumptuous to ask—what incarnation are you on now?
               Valkyrie367 (July 7, 2081)

                  Not presumptuous at all! I love to talk about my past lives. This body is my 14,289th incarnation. 
                  metempsychosist14289 (July 7, 2081)

Best way to solve any fae creature problem is with a 12-gauge slug. Right between the eyes.
BigGameHunter (July 9, 2081)

     Yes, you’re very manly and your gun is longer than anyone else’s.
     NotBuyingYourSh*t (July 9, 2081)

          You got that right!
          BigGameHunter (July 9, 2081)