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Dragon Talk

June 8, 2080

Okay, folks. Let’s talk dragons. 

There’s so much information and disinformation out there, it’s hard to know what is true and what is myth. Not only that, but how do we know if there are different breeds of dragons? I have very limited experience with these amazing creatures so I’d like to pool our knowledge and create a database of sightings and info. Who’s up for that? 

I’ll start with my recent encounter. A few weeks ago, I came across a thunder of dragons being poached. My first thought was that they would be slaughtered for their scales and hides. 

But in the end, I learned that the dragons were reared like pigs, kept captive so they could root out magic artifacts. It seems that’s what they eat. 

Anyone else come across magic-eating dragons? Are they a new hybrid?

Comments (8)

You should stop filling the world with your falsehoods. Magic doesn’t exist. The true Lord will judge you for your blasphemy.

Carousella (June 8, 2080)

How did they keep the dragons captive? I mean couldn’t they just fly away?

DragonRider (June 8, 2080)

    The dragons had their wings magically clipped. I don’t want to go into it more than that. 

    Valkyrie367 (June 9, 2080)

Dragons are majestic creatures and should never be treated this way. Were you able to help them?

cchedgewitch (June 9, 2080)

      Yes. Thanks for your concern. I was able to free all but one dragon. I’m sorry to say, the poachers killed that one before I could intervene. 

      Valkyrie367 (June 9, 2080)

Poachers should be tried as murderers. Thank you for helping these unfortunate creatures. May the Lady’s light shine on you for your courage.

cchedgewitch (June 9, 2080)


        Valkyrie367 (June 9, 2080)

I have some information about a dragon sighting. I’ll be in touch.

DaddysGirl (June 10, 2080)